Reconstruction and animation of clothed humans is a research area of increasing academic and industrial interest. This is due to the plethora of applications, such as augmented and virtual reality, that facilitate telepresence in the metaverse. However, representing the spatio-temporal surface dynamics in clothed humans poses a significant challenge, that usually requires manual intervention (e.g., 3D artists) or computationally expensive physics simulations. Thus, synthesising photo-realistic, controllable avatars remains an open problem. To this end, we propose to host a workshop on the subject of high fidelity neural actors, that will bring together experts in the field of neural rendering and digital humans, with the aim to discuss and facilitate progress in the field.

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Please reach out at actorshq.workshop [at] gmail [dot] com.


Markos Georgopoulos


Martin Rünz


Jonathan Starck


Lourdes Agapito

University College London

Matthias Nießner

Technical University Munich